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Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 Heartland is a heartwarming, and exciting family series. My daughters and I love the show - it has become a real mother - daughters time for us. We love horses and the "Healing Horses / Healing Hearts" theme is really inviting and enduring to us. We have a large number of friends and family that share our feelings and interest in the show - which makes watching it even more exciting because my daughters love going to school the next day to talk with all of their friends about what happened on the last episode. We just finished watching the season finale and my daughters begged me to go online to find out if the first season will be coming out on DVD and when the second season will possibly start. Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 We find the show very well acted, and extremely well written - the story line is infuriatingly enticing (we can hardly wait to see what will happen to the characters next). The fact that it is based in the Canadian Rockies is just a bonus and certainly must make filming the beautiful landscapes easier. The camera angles and lighting certainly create the right mood for the moment and really make the characters and setting believable. It is hard to believe that a story based on such a tragedy can bring such feelings of love and happiness to the surface, but this show really pulls it off. There is just the right combination of action, drama, romance and comedy to make it enjoyable for everyone watching. We look forward to the next season (we are saddened that the first season is over already). We surely hope that the first season will be brought out on DVD very soon as it is the type of show that one can watch over and over again.

Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 Heartland is one of those shows that is pretty perfect and I'm at a loss to know why E4 chooses to bury this show at 10 o'clock in the morning when it would be excellent teatime viewing - I only found the broadcast of Season 3 and 4 by mistake. It centres around sisters, Amy and Lou, who find themselves taking over the running of their mother's rehabilitation centre for traumatised and injured horses, and trying to juggle it with the rest of their lives. But don't let that put you off, even if you aren't a fan of horses, there is still plenty to love.

Michelle Morgan and Amber Marshall are fantastic as the leads. Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 They bicker and support each other just like real sisters. Amber Marshall clearly has a lot of experience with horses in real life as she totally convinces as a "horse whisperer". The supporting characters are fine too - particularly Shaun Johnston as the patriarch of the Fleming family, Chris Potter as the dysfunctional dad, and Graham Wardle as reformed bad boy Ty. The ongoing romance between Amy and Ty is also nicely done. TV nowadays likes to portray more "adult" teens who are only about the sex. Heartland is a little more realistic, managing to beautifully capture that awkwardness that comes with first love and trying to figure out where you fit into someone else's life and how they fit into yours.

Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 The stories are well written, occasionally threatening to slide into saccharine, but I defy even the hardest heart not to be moved by the episode where Amy heals a grieving horse by putting her mother's coat in his stable. My eyes are filling up just writing that sentence. It would be easy for Heartland to descend into soap opera territory but it just manages to tread the line. The horses are always centre stage. And it's really nice to see a programme filmed in Canada that is actually set in Canada. The Alberta location is spectacular.

I have read the books and there are a few differences, but these are minor. Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 I wish Soraya had a bigger part - she is supposed to be Amy's best friend, but somehow Ashley has a bigger part in the show. I also wish they'd kept Lou with Scott. On the whole though, the changes they've made are for the better (for example, keeping Tim Fleming as a main character - I never liked the fact in the books that he just left his daughters and went off to live in Australia). Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 The series also seems to have gone more with the Western theme - with the emphasis on rodeo and cattle roping rather than on showjumping - I'd have preferred the showjumping but I love the Western theme and the idea of Lou running a dude ranch - the books never really addressed how a high-flying banker could adjust to living on a farm - the series does - Lou is portrayed as a highly driven business woman. It all works really well.

Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 If I have any criticism it is that I was a little disappointed with the fourth series. It's a shame that the lovely Nathanial Arcand was sidelined in favour of the very dull Peter - what on earth does Lou see in him! I could also do without the tedious Ashley/Caleb saga. I wish they'd just break up and be done with it. I don't want to scream whitewash either but it does seem that Scott and Soraya are sidelined in favour of the blonde white characters, Peter and Ashley. Heartland Season 6 Episode 2 I'm hoping this isn't intentional and that Scott and Soraya will play a greater part in future series - I don't see the Peter/Lou marriage lasting, and there's only so long the Ashley/Caleb make-up-break-up can be done before it gets tired. The stories were a little below par too - Lou in Dubai, boring baby/pregnancy stuff; Ty cheating on Amy, Amy cheating on Ty, Ty running away ... I did like the introduction of Chase Powers - he added some much needed conflict - I liked the fact he had very different methods for training horses than Amy did and they clashed a lot. Amber Marshall also had great chemistry with the actor who portrayed him - it's a shame they had to make him into an out and out bad guy because he added some much needed sizzle to the show.


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